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installation of 99 photographs of found gloves photographed in location over a decade seen from above, by myself and others

“Casting Crowns”

This on going installation of prayers for the coronavirus includes newspaper articles folded into airplanes sent towards antenna.     *photo above   @rob_tran


Casting Crowns featured article, cover art  6 pages


Included in this Group exhibit LosAngeles

Saddleback  Church installations Seen & Grace 2020 filmpresentation:

Graditude Walk with 3 Installations  

Images of: Graditude mound on campus casting tablets from molds casted from historical tombstones throughout

USA & United Kingdom.

This 18’ x 2’ circular mound  was progressivly built up to 1,000 tablets by the public as an act of gratitude.

Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses

Sand glazed high fire ceramics wall installation. 26 x 38 x 2” 2005-2006   $5,000   Each overlapping tablet was made from imprints made on location in Scotland, Wales, and England memorialss from 6th century to 1900’s. Each was fired with a rare sand glaze by Dave Kiddie.

Behold the Lamb

5 crosses sculpted high fire ceramic Body of Christ crucified. Installed reflecting the human body with outstreached arms.  6x5’x4”


“CASTING CROWNS” 1275 covid prayerplanes   Watch on Vimeo:

videos by Rob Tran